The Catfé

So here it is.

My final project as a Graphic Design student at the University of Memphis.

We were to come up with some kind of company concept and create all the collateral we could for it. This was a semester-long project and involved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, not just for me, but for everyone else in the class.

As for me, I decided to to a Cat Café, as there was none in Memphis at the time of this project’s conception, and the concept of one has been getting more and more popular in the U.S. Cat Cafés originated in Taiwan and got very popular with Japanese tourists, who would go on to make Cat Cafés of their own, as most Japanese landlords do not allow pets as part of their lease agreement. They provide a good source of relaxation and patrons are able to chill out and play with the cats inside.

Now they’re becoming more popular all over the world, with cat cafés popping up in Europe, Australia, and North America. North American Cat Cafés work a little differently, as FDA regulations dictate that animals cannot inhabit an area where food is served, so most establishments get around this through separating the play area and the food area. Of course, once you order your food, you’re welcome to take it where you want.

North American Cat Cafés also work differently in that most if not all of the cats are taken from nearby shelters, and therefore are ready to be adopted. It gives prospective adopters a chance to see the cats’ true personality, as they feel much more at home in a café than cramped up in a cage or a very small space with other animals, which is the case for many shelters.

The Catfé is based off of similar Cat Cafés, providing patrons with good food, good drinks, while having a chance to familiarize themselves with cats and determine which one may be the best for their household if they are thinking about adopting. The theoretical location is a prime area to have such a café, as it is in a popular part of Memphis. Ideally, the cats would come from local shelters, such as the Memphis Animal Shelter, Mewtopia, and the House of Mews.

I stuck with a yellow/brown color scheme as I felt that color scheme gave a cozy tone to The Catfé, which is meant to provide such an atmosphere. Nothing says cozy like having coffee, eating a snack, and having a purring ball of fur snuggling up to you, and that is the ideal experience for the establishment.

Overall, this project was a joy to work on from start to finish. I’m a total sucker for cats, and would have loved to actually have a Cat Café in Memphis. Thankfully, there’s one in Indianapolis, so that will do just fine by me.

The Photos in this project were taken by me, and the feline models came from The House of Mews and my Sister-in-law.