Shelby Farms Mockup App

This was the final project I did for my Infographics class, and it was radically different from our previous assignments. We had to create a mockup of an app for a popular area of Memphis… places such as Graceland, or Stax, anything else that Memphis is known for. I chose Shelby Farms Park, especially since its “Starry Nights” event was just beginning at the time this assignment was given to us.

Shelby Farms already has an app of its own, but I went with them anyway because I believe that there could be some features that may be useful for visitors that the app currently does not have– namely, planning your trip there and forming an itinerary based on the type of group that would be going.

The phone mockup I used for this project was made by BenSow and he makes a lot of awesome mockups for various devices. He also makes some pretty sweet space art too, so if you’re into that sort of thing, I would take a look at his gallery if you got some free time 🙂