Retrofuture Poster

I had uploaded this poster onto my site when I first established it, but have since made minor changes to it– namely, I changed the size to 12 x 18 so as to be standard, and re-adjusted the text a little.

In any case, I originally did this poster a few years ago to warm up for the coming Fall semester. I was playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas and while the series itself isn’t really retrofuturistic like this poster, it nonetheless adopts an alternate history where the world embraced atomic energy as opposed to microelectronics, and has various imagery from before the Great War to represent this. Add this on top of the fact that I discovered a Subreddit dedicated to Retofuture imagery, and this poster was born.

I’m still quite fond of this poster despite having learned a lot since I made it, so much so that I decided to make prints of it and sell it at the Memphis Pop Art Festival.

I got the mockup from Graphic Burger. You can get it here if you so wish

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