The Start of a New Beginning.

For about a year now I’ve owned this domain. Hosted my images. Let this site slowly sit while I develop, finish college, polish my finished assignments and post it here.

And then I wait. Like a fisherman in the early morning with no bait, I just sat there. Waiting for a bite.

Waiting for someone to contact me, hoping that they’re impressed with my portfolio, with my site. A… set it and forget it deal, as it were.

Just recently I started reading Work For Money, Design for Love by David Airey. It’s a great book for both new and experienced designers and I encourage you to get it if you haven’t already.

Out of everything that I read so far (I’m reading in order of what’s most useful for me, so… out of order 🙂 the topic that stuck to me most was my online reach. It’s in Chapter 10, and he says that in order to get the most of your design career, is to start interacting with potential clients through a blog. To paraphrase, starting a blog of your own where you can put your thoughts in a post and post some useful tips gives people a chance to get to know you better and to comment about their own perspectives. It gives you a chance to interact and show more of your personality. Social media also helps with this, namely, Twitter, but I figure any social media site will help. I personally use Instagram, where most of my not-so-polished drawings are. My Twitter will eventually be revived, but right now I’m just doing a lot of cleaning up. I’ll post that once I’m done.

That said, my goal for this blog is to share my own insights. Okay. That’s kind of the goal of every blog, but I want to share what I learned throughout my time in college, and share who or what inspired me to do what I do. And maybe it’s been done time and time again, and that’s okay.

Maybe some people need a slightly different perspective.